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Data sheets

Safety data sheets

General Information

Suregrip Part A

Suregrip™ Part A Data

SDS Suregrip base resin

Site conditions and Frequently asked questions

Suregrip Part B

Suregrip™ Part B Data

SDS Suregrip fast cure hardener

Suregrip™ F application

Suregrip F seamless floor

Data Sheet


Suregrip™ HD Data sheet

Suregrip Part C

Part C Data Sheet

Part C safety sheet

Why Suregrip™ ?

Suregrip floor paint

Suregrip solvent free coating data Sheet

SDS Suregrip Solvent free epoxy coating base

Suregrip solvent free Floor paint Instructions

Suregrip fast cure primer 

Suregrip fast cure Primer data sheet

SDS Suregrip Solvent free epoxy coating Fast cure hardener

Floor paint information ,

Teknosolv 9506 epoxy thinners 

Data Sheet

Teknosolv 9506 MDSS


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Overview of the Suregrip™ floor finishes. -- Home page -- .
For advice please contact us directly as resin products are intended for professional use and successful projects require both correct specification and application.
Our 19 years of experience will avoid the more serious pitfalls that occur with seamless resin floor applications.

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